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TASTANTEX Limited is a leading multinational apparel buying hub, sourcing company, manufacturer and committed exporter on woven, denim, knit, sweater etc. We produce best quality garments for all of our internationally reputed buyers/importers and departmental chain stores from US, RU, EU etc. markets. Since our establishment, we have developed long term trade relationships with most of our potential customers & earned trust in their respective markets.

Obey All Legal & Social Compliance Guided By Laws

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Determination, commitment and customer focus are the principles that we believe in. Experiencing growth since inception, it is now one of the fastest growing towel manufacturing company in Pakistan. “Inspiring individuals, touching lives- Getting stronger everyday. Yet, the pursuit of growth continues to simulates our genes.”

TASTANTEX Limited Ensure The Best Production From Every Angle



To ensure the best quality fabric for our products, we work with knitting and woven factories equipped with the latest machineries .


our main concern is the satisfaction of our client and one of our core strengths is merchandising by our vibrant, experienced

Delivery And Shipment

Proper Packing & on time Goods delivery is very important for both Manufacturer & importer apparel Brand.


Our Knitting factories are equipped with the latest machines; containing machines in both tube and open dia of almost all the important and widely used gauges.


We provide our clients with all types of computer embroidery services, which are bound to be accurate to the last stitch. Our facilities are equipped

Garment Dyeing & Wash

To ensure the best quality & execute fast delivery, we are working with compliant dyeing and washing plants in close vicinity of our Factory

Research and Development

Textile research and development (R&D) plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and progress within the textile industry. With advancements in technology, evolving consumer demands, and the need for sustainable practices, textile R&D has become more important than ever before. This article explores the significance of textile R&D and its impact on the industry’s growth, sustainability, and future prospects

Meeting the Global Demand

The global textile industry is a dynamic and thriving sector that caters to the diverse demands of consumers worldwide. From clothing and home furnishings to industrial applications, textiles are an essential part of our everyday lives. This article explores the global demand for textiles, highlighting the industry’s significance and its ability to meet the ever-evolving needs of consumers across the globe


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